Become Member

Request to Become an Active Member Church of the
West Central Baptist Association

We the (church name)___________________________________________ Church of (city)_______________________________

voted on (date) ,______________________________.

to become an active cooperating Baptist church of the West Central Baptist Association, the State Convention of Baptists in Indiana, and the Southern Baptist Convention. We understand that cooperation means these things:

  1. Embracing The Baptist Faith and Message, 2000,

  2. Praying for and supporting the Association programs and strategies (e.g.

    discipleship conferences, Disaster Relief, etc.),

  3. Participating in the WCBA, SCBI, and SBC meetings whenever possible,

  4. Ongoing financial support of the Cooperative Program and West Central Baptist Association, and

  5. Submitting an annual report to the Association by way of the “Annual Church Profile” (ACP).

We understand that this request may be submitted at anytime throughout the year but no less than 30 days before our Annual Meeting along with the following documents:

  •   A copy of the church constitution and by-laws (if not already submitted)

  •  Any other church documents as requested by the Credentials Committee

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

In His service,                                                                                             Submit to:

_____________________________________________                         West Central Baptist Association

Pastor (or church moderator)                                                                     PO Box 11375

_____________________________________________                         Terre Haute, IN 47801